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First prototypes have arrived!

Iconic Timepieces Hampton Bay mens wrist Watch

It was a very long wait to get these prototypes, and they have finally arrived!

Below I would like to list the adjustments I would like to make to the prototypes for production.

Iconic Timepieces Hampton Bay mens wrist Watch

One of the first things I noticed were the size of the hands. They are a bit too thin, so I will be making them thicker and more easy to read on the production watches.

Dial Adjustments

Iconic Timepieces Hampton Bay mens wrist Watch

There are a couple tweaks I would like to make to the overall dial layout:

  • I would like to apply a Stainless Steel logo in place of the printed one now.
  • The “Automatic 200 meters” is quite small and hard to read. So I would like to make “Hampton Bay“ smaller and then under that it will say automatic, then under that it will say 200m/660ft

I will need to see this tested to make the final decision.

Swiss Super Luminova


My original design had the blue BGW9 Swiss Super Luminova and the prototypes came with the green C3 Swiss Super Luminova, so this will be taken care of as well.

Bracelet Enhancements

Iconic Timepieces Hampton Bay mens wrist Watch

The H-link bracelet the prototypes currently have, doesn’t allow for a taper which I feel is essential for this design. Also there is just a bit of play in the bracelet. So I’ve decided to go with a bracelet that better fits the overall look. 

Iconic Timepieces Hampton Bay mens wrist Watch

So that is it for the changes I would like to make to the production watches. There are not any negative flaws in the prototypes, I would just like to offer the best piece I can at an affordable price. 

Pricing and Product info.

Preorder Information

Preorders begin March 1, 2020

Preorders end April 15, 2020

First 75 purchased - $450.00

After those the price goes up to - $480.00

Retail Price after preorders end - $675.00

Production will begin April 20, 2020

Shipping should be by the end of July 2020

Package will include:

1 Hampton Bay watch

1 Watch Travel Case

1 Strap Tool

(Information on how and where to order will be released closer to launch date.)

*package extras can change due to availability and pricing at time of order.

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First Hands On Review!

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Relief for Australia

Iconic Timepieces and Diver’s Watches Facebook Group is asking for your help


The devastation of human and animal life, as well as the destruction of habitat and property, that we have witnessed this past week in Australia is devastating. Diver's Watches Facebook Group is collecting donations for relief from this catastrophe. The net total of what we manage to raise will be donate to an officially-registered Australian charity.

You can use this link to send whatever you can:

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Other Great Charity Work done by Diver’s Watches Facebook Group


The watch community is filled with incredible generous people! Here is some incredible work done by Diver’s Watches Facebook group!

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Hampton Bay

This is the first rough draft for the Hampton Bay collection that I will be bringing to Kickstarter

This is the first rough draft images for the Hampton Bay collection that I will be launching preorders for in March 2020

Stay Tuned


We will update this site and keep you updated on all the progress leading up to the launch of Iconic Timepieces Hampton Bay Collection!

Great News!


We are happy to announce that the Hampton Bay will feature a full luminescent bezel!

Design work is complete!


We are still having issues with the font on the imaging but the font on the final samples and production will have the right font on the logo and dial!



  • 43mm Case Diameter

  • 13mm Case Thickness

  • 200 Meters Water Resistance Rating

  • 316L Stainless Steel Case and Bracelet 

  • Sellita SW200-1 Swiss Automatic Movement


  • AR Coated Flat Sapphire Crystal 

  • Swiss Super Luminova on the hands and markers 

  • Unidirectional Sapphire Bezel also with full Swiss Super Luminova



Updated timeline for the Iconic Timepieces Hampton Bay 

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